Distilling Yeast

What is Distilling Yeast?

Distilling yeast, also known as distiller’s yeast, is a type of yeast used in the fermentation process of alcoholic beverages. It commonly used for higher alcohol concentrations.

Distilling yeast consumes sugars and converts these sugars into alcohol.

Distillers select yeast strains that produce desirable flavors and aromas during fermentation. These can influence the overall quality and character of the spirit.

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Information About Distilling Yeast

Distilling yeast is used in the production of distilled spirits like whiskey, vodka, rum, and gin.

Distilling yeast is chosen for its efficiency in fermentation, ensuring that the sugars in the raw materials are converted into alcohol at an optimal rate.

Appearance: Small, granular pellets or powder. Beige or light tan in color.

Taste: Bitter, slightly yeasty flavor

Texture: Powdery or granular. Fine, similar to the texture of powdered sugar or finely ground flour.

pH: 4.0 – 5.0

About AIFI - A Distilling Yeast Supplier & Distributor

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