Research & Development

Research & Development for Food Manufacturers

Research and development (R&D) plays a crucial role in the food manufacturing industry. It involves the scientific exploration, experimentation, and innovation of new products, processes, and technologies to improve food quality, safety, taste, nutrition, and sustainability. At American International Foods, Inc., we are suppliers of over 2500 different food ingredients, both core commodities and specialty ingredients alike. We source ingredients from producers around the globe to ensure that your supply chain remains protected as you develop emerging product lines. Our team of ingredient experts researches and develops solutions to your complex ingredient issues while ensuring supply continuity and safety standards.

Ways we help with R&D:

  • Product Development: Helping to discover innovative ingredient solutions that enhance taste and texture, improve shelf life, and increase nutritional value.
  • Food Safety and Quality: We offer complete documentation for all of the ingredients we source. Our thorough documentation processes ensure that each ingredient we supply meets or exceeds industry standards for safety and quality.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Our current supply chain system boasts a 98.7% on-time delivery rate from our nationwide network of 15 warehouses. View Warehouse Locations

Our mission at American International Foods, Inc. is to go beyond being your food ingredient supplier; we aim to find the right ingredient for your specific application.

Want a sample of a new or emerging ingredient? Contact us to request a sample.