Rye Flour

What is Rye Flour?

Rye flour is a type of flour made from ground rye grains. It contains various minerals and vitamins, including B vitamins, iron, and magnesium.

Rye flour contains less gluten compared to wheat flour, which affects the texture and rising ability of baked goods.

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Rye Flour Distributor & Supplier Information

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Information About Rye Flour

Rye flour is commonly used in bread-making, baked goods, crackers, snacks, beverages, sourdough starters, pastas, and more.

Rye flour has a robust flavor, unique gluten structure, and moisture-retaining properties that yield distinctive textures and tastes in baked goods and beverages.

Appearance: Rye flour is typically darker in color compared to wheat flour. It can range from light brown to a darker shade, depending on how much of the outer bran layer is included in the milling process.

Taste: Rye flour is often described as nutty, with a hint of tanginess.

Texture: Rye flour may have a slightly gritty texture due to the presence of bran particles.

About AIFI - A Rye Flour Supplier & Distributor

American International Foods, Inc. is a leading rye flour supplier with an additional full service portfolio of over 2500 food and beverage ingredients. We offer one of the most extensive lines of flours distributed to manufacturers and processors in the food, beverage, pet food, health and nutrition sectors. With a strategic nationwide warehouse network and our reliable just-in-time deliveries, we can supply your business with high quality flours at competitive prices.