Dried Whole Eggs

Dried Whole Eggs

Dried whole eggs are a versatile and convenient ingredient widely used in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. These eggs undergo dehydration processing to remove the moisture meanwhile preserving their nutritional value, flavor, and functional properties. As a result, dried whole eggs offer a shelf-stable alternative to fresh eggs, providing ease of storage, transportation, and incorporation into various food and beverage applications.

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Dried whole eggs have a wide range of applications in food and beverage manufacturing due to their versatility and convenience. They are used in baking products, pastas and noodles, sauces and dressings, dairy products, meat products, and more to provide structure, increase elasticity, retain moisture, and they also contribute to desired texture and appearance.

Fresh eggs are processed to remove the shells, and then the yolk and whites are mixed together to create a homogenous blend. This blend is then dehydrated using specialized drying techniques, resulting in a fine powder or granules.

Appearance: Dried whole eggs typically come in the form of a fine powder or granule, but specific appearance depends on brand and manufacturing processes. The color is generally a pale yellow or off-white color with a slightly egg odor.

Particle size: Variable, but is typically small and fine.

Solubility: High solubility.

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