High Whip Dried Egg Whites

High Whip Dried Egg Whites

High whip dried egg whites are a specialized form of dried egg products that offer unique properties and advantages in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. These dried egg whites are specifically processed and formulated to provide excellent whipping capabilities, making them a valuable ingredient in various food ingredient applications.

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There are many applications of dried egg whites with high whip in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. One of the primary advantages is their ability to create stable foams and achieve optimal volume when whipped. When reconstituted with water, dried egg white exhibit a high level of foaming and whipping ability making them useful in bakery products, desserts, mousses, icings, protein bars, and more. They contribute to foam stability, texture, volume and structure of various food and beverage products.

The production of dried egg whites with high whip involves separating the egg whites from fresh eggs and then dehydrating them to remove the moisture content. This process preserves the functional properties of the egg whites while increasing their shelf life and conveinence.

Appearance: Dried egg whites come in the form of a fine, powdery substance. The color is typically white to off white, with a uniform consistency.

Particle size: Variable, but generally very fine.

Solubility: High solubility.

Moisture content: Devoid of moisture. 

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