Sweet Whey

Sweet Whey

Derived from milk, sweet whey is a liquid that remains after the curds have been separated during cheese making. It is a versatile ingredient known for its nutritional value, functional properties, and wide range of food and beverage applications.

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Sweet whey is a source of lactose, which serves as a sweetener and provides texture and browning capabilities in baked goods. Other than baking, it is used in infant formulas, protein powders, animal nutrition and sports drinks due to its extended shelf life, convenient nature, mildly sweet taste, and nutritional composition.

Sweet whey is formulated as a byproduct of cheese production, it is teh liquid that remains after cheese curds have been separated. Sweet whey also contributes to the “Maillard reaction” which occurs during baking and results in desirable flavors, aromas, and a golden-brown crust making it highly valuable in baking applications.

Appearance: Mildly sweet with a a pale yellow color.

Particle size: Dependent on application. Contact us for available particle sizes.

Solubility: High solubility.

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