Non-Fat Dry Milk (NFDM)

What is Non-Fat Dry Milk?

High heat non-fat dry milk is produced by exposing skim milk to high temperatures during the drying process. This high-temperature treatment helps in the removal of more moisture and results in a more soluble and shelf-stable product.

Low heat non-fat dry milk is produced using lower temperatures during the drying process. This gentle heat treatment helps preserve the natural flavor and color of the milk. It has a lighter color and a milder, fresher flavor compared to HHNFDM.

Both types retain the nutritional components of milk, such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals, while eliminating the fat.

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Non-Fat Dry Milk Distributor & Supplier Information

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Information About Non-Fat Dry Milk

HHNFDM typically has a darker color and a more pronounced cooked milk flavor. It tends to dissolve more easily in liquids and is often used in applications where these properties are desired, such as in baked goods, soups, and beverages. LHNFDM generally has a lighter color and a milder, fresher flavor compared to HHNFDM. It is often preferred in applications where a more delicate milk flavor is desired, such as in dairy-based beverages and certain recipes where the milk flavor needs to be less pronounced.

Both High Heat NFDM and Low Heat NFDM serve as versatile ingredients in the food and beverage industry, offering functional properties such as emulsification, texture improvement, and moisture retention. The choice between the two depends on the specific characteristics desired in the final product.

Appearance: White powder with a slightly sweet taste and aroma.

Particle size: Variable.

Solubility: High solubility.

Fat Content: Ranges from very low to completely fat-free.

About AIFI - A Non-Fat Dry Milk Supplier & Distributor

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