Agglomerated Milk Powder

Agglomerated Milk Powder

Agglomerated Milk Powder is a type of dairy product that is a result of spray-drying pasteurized milk. It involves mixing the resulting fine milk powder particles with hot water to create an agglomerate form of milk. Agglomerated milk powder reduces the formation of lumps in the powder, and is used to mix uniformly in a liquid. It is used in a variety of food and beverage applications to improve texture, increase “creaminess”, and as a base in many dairy beverage applications.

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Agglomerated Milk Powder is commonly used in food and beverage applications as a base, to improve texture, retain moisture, enhance flavoring, and add nutrients. It is used as a creamer in hot beverages such as coffee or tea, in baking and confections, desserts and ice creams, and RTE meals such as powdered soups or sauces.

To formulate agglomerated milk powder, pasteurized milk is spray dried which causes the milk particles to atomize into small droplets. They are exposed to hot air and the heat causes the moisture to evaporate, leaving behind a fine milk powder. After the spray drying process, the milk powder particles are agglomerated to form larger granules. This makes them a soluble addition to many “just add water” food and beverage products.

Appearance: A white or light cream colored large sized granule powder. The aroma is bland, and somewhat milky with little to no taste due to the agglomeration process.

Particle size: Large granules.

Solubility: High solubility.

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