Shaking Up Sea Salt: A Seasoned Trend

Shaking Up Sea Salt: A Seasoned Trend

American International Foods, Inc. (AIFI) has identified three overarching trends that are currently gaining popularity in the food and beverage industry and how using sea salt in formulations may help brands align with these trends. These trends are:

1. Health & Wellness
2. Premiumization
3. Sustainability & Transparency

Consumers have made it clear that they want the facts about their food as they continue to seek more information about the products they purchase. From the ingredients in their food to the values of the brands they purchase from, it is apparent that these trends are here to stay.

AIFI’s extensive salt offerings provide a unique solution that meets the criteria for these 3 trends. Salt is a functional ingredient that not only imparts flavor in foods and beverages but also acts as a natural preservative. Salt is one of the oldest ingredients in food with its recorded use dating back over 8,000 years. More recently, sea salt has seen a rise in use as a gourmet ingredient in baking, confection, and snack foods. The snacking category has grown substantially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Statista reported a 14.8% growth of salty snacks between 2019 and 2020 due to the coronavirus.

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