Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter

The plant-based protein trend has quickly grown to be one of the largest food lifestyles we have seen. One out of four consumers reported eating less animal protein in the past 12 months, according to Nutrition Business Journal. Consumers are choosing plant-based food options for daily living benefits, health-related benefits, or socially-driven benefits.

Consumer Behavior

Consumers are presented with more information every day on the benefits of plant-based foods. Reasons such as the environment, ethical treatment of animals, improving heart health, and improving digestion are all reasons for the average consumer to replace animal products with plant-based food. According to Lux Research, Plant-Protein will take over 33% market share within the overall protein space by 2054. By 2020, plant-based protein is projected to become a $5 Billion USD market.

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