Stevia is a natural sweeteners derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It is a substitute for traditional sugars and artificial sweeteners due to its intense sweetness, coupled with its low-caloric content.

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Stevia, as a natural sweeteners with zero calories and low glylcemic impact, finds a wide range of applications including adding sweetness to beverages, dairy products, confections, baked goods, desserts and puddings, cereals, sauces and dressings, nutritional bars, alcoholic beverages, energy/sports drinks, and many more.

Stevia has naturally occurring sweet compounds called steviol glycosides. It is significantly sweeter than sucrose, yet is calorie-free making it a popular zero-calorie sweetener. Although stevia is considered sweeter than sugar, it has a licorice-like aftertaste so it is often formulated in combination with another sweetener. 

Appearance: White powder or concentrated liquid.

Taste: Extremely sweet with a bitter aftertaste, similar to that of licorice.

Solubility: Freely soluble in water and insoluble in oils. 

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