Potato Flour

What is Potato Flour?

Potato flour is a type of flour made from potatoes. It is produced by drying and grinding potatoes into a fine powder.

It is commonly used as a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour in baking and cooking

Potato flour is different from potato starch. While both are derived from potatoes, they have different characteristics. Potato flour contains the whole potato, including the fiber. Potato starch is extracted from the starch component of the potato and is used primarily as a thickening agent.

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Potato Flour Distributor & Supplier Information

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Information About Potato Flour

Potato flour is used in baking, meat processing, soups, sauces, RTE meals, and gluten free applications.

Potato flour is often used as a thickening agent and binder. It also has high absorption capabilities.

Appearance: Potato flour is typically light beige or off-white in color.

Moisture: <8%

Flavor: Natural potato

Texture: Potato flour is finely ground, giving it a powdery texture. It is finer than potato starch.

About AIFI - A Potato Flour Supplier & Distributor

American International Foods, Inc. is a leading potato flour supplier with an additional full service portfolio of over 2500 food and beverage ingredients. We offer one of the most extensive lines of flours distributed to manufacturers and processors in the food, beverage, pet food, health and nutrition sectors. With a strategic nationwide warehouse network and our reliable just-in-time deliveries, we can supply your business with high quality flours at competitive prices.