Carrageenan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide extracted from red seaweed. It offers several functional properties that make it a valuable additive in food formulations by enhancing texture, stability, and overall quality.

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Carrageenan is organic and bioavailable red algae sourced from salt waters across the globe. It is commonly used as an emulsifier, thickener, and preservative in food and drink applications. It is commonly found in dairy products like milk, cheese, dairy-free alternatives, and processed meats.

Carageenan is a natural extract derived from red algae. It is harvested, dried, ground, and then mixed into an alkaline solution to purify the carageenan. It is then tested for its moisture content, gel strength, viscosity, and other physical/chemical properties.

Appearance: For food applications, carrageenan comes as a powder that ranges from yellow to white in color. It is generally odorless.

Particle size: Variable

Solubility: Carrageenan is solube in water than is above 60C, forming a viscous clear or opaque solution. It is insoluble in ethanol.

Viscosity: The thickness of carrageenan solutions is influenced by various factors such as concentration, temperature, the existence of additional solutes, the specific type of carrageenan, and its molecular weight. 

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