White Grape Juice Concentrate

White Grape Juice Concentrate

White grape juice concentrate is a versatile and popular ingredient used to add white grape flavors to food and beverage applications. With its concentrated form and distinct characteristics, white grape juice concentrate has become a valuable asset in food and beverage products.

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White grape juice concentrate is used to add grape flavoring in food and beverage products, including juices, sparkling beverages, wines, sauces, dressings, desserts, confections, and more. Its versatility and compatibility with a range of applications have made it an indispensable tool for manufacturers looking to add grape flavoring to their products.

White grape juice is formulated by removing water content and resulting in a thick and syrupy liquid that contains the natural essence and sweetness of white grapes. It is used to provide consistent flavor throughout the year, irrespective of seasonal variations in grape availability. It is also convenient and cost effective because it eliminates challenges associated with sourcing and processing large volumes of fresh fruit.

Appearance: Pale to golden yellow syrupy liquid with a sweet scent and taste similar to that of natural white grapes.

Viscosity:  Thick and viscous.

Texture: Smooth and homogeneous, free from particulates or sediment. 

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