Mango Juice Concentrate

Mango Juice Concentrate

Mango juice concentrate is widely used in the food and beverage manufacturing industry to add the rich and sweet mango flavor to a wide array of products, while remaining shelf stable.

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Mango juice concentrate finds many applications in the food and beverage manufacturing industry to add the fresh mango taste to products, including juices, smoothies, yogurts, ice creams, desserts, sauces, dressings, cocktails, and more. The condensed mango juice also retains longer shelf life than regular mango juice. This stable shelf life is particularly useful as mango production times vary from region to region making them hard to source at certain times of the year.

Mango juice concentrate is primarily formulated by removing excess water from mango juice, leaving you with a condensed mango juice concentrate. This is useful to add mango flavoring to a wide variety of product meanwhile offering a shelf stable and efficient delivery.

Appearance: Vibrant orange syrup, with the taste and smell of fresh mangoes.

pH: Variable – will typically fall in the neutral range of about 6.86-7.00.

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