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CBD 101

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant. THC and CBD are 2 out of 113 ingredients (cannabinoids) found in Cannabis. CBD does not contain THC, which is the compound of cannabis that is psychoactive and creates a "high" effect. CBD can be found in many different forms, such as powder, oil, or water-soluble.

Is CBD Legal?

In 2018, the US Farm Bill legalized hemp and CBD in the United States. Although legalized nationally, each state has its' own set of rules and regulations. According to section 10113 of the US Farm Bill, hemp cannot contain more than 0.3 percent THC. The legalization and research of hemp is protected under section 7501 of the US Farm Bill, which includes hemp under the Critical Agricultural Materials ACT.

CBD in the Marketplace

CBD has grown to become a multibillion dollar industry throughout the past few years. In 2019, the CBD industry is projected to hit $5 billion USD. By 2022, the CBD industry is projected to grow to $23 billion USD. This exponential growth will sprout the industry to a 706% growth between 2018 and 2019. Since becoming legalized, there are over 400+ brands in the marketplace that sell CBD-focused products. Food Business News reported that Food and Beverage will comprise 44% of the toal CBD market by 2025.

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