Why Non-GMO Project Sales Have Increased 566%

The Non-GMO Project released that their product sales have hit the $20 billion mark for 2016, which is a 566% increase from their 2013 sales number of $3.0 billion. This is due to consumers becoming more aware of genetically modified organisms and their need for a stamp of approval on products they trust.

Non-GMO vs. Non-GMO Project Verified

The term “non-GMO” is still a fresh term that is causing confusion for consumers and manufacturers. Products are promoting “Non-GMO”, “GMO Free,” and “Non-GMO Project Verified” labels, but what is the difference?

The main difference that separates these terms is having a third party decide if the product is really a non-genetically modified organism. There are quite a few companies that give their own products a non-GMO label based on their beliefs about what non-GMO means. They back up their claim with a “How We Define ‘Non-GMO’” page on their website that goes into more detail. But in order to reach consumers, they will need to find this page to get the real answers.

The Non-GMO Project is currently the only third-party organization (in North America) that is testing products for GMOs and providing a stamp of approval. Since these labels are not regulated by the federal government, the Non-GMO Project verifies these products. Based on their best practices, this includes a GMO presence of less than .09%. So why are consumers and manufacturers attracted to this non-GMO label?

Consumers Trust the Non-GMO Butterfly

With nearly 40,000 products promoting the butterfly logo of approval, many manufacturers are turning to the Non-GMO Project to verify their products for their customers. “We average probably 70 inquiries (for product verification) each week via our website,” stated Megan Westgate, executive director of The Non-GMO Project.

While state legislators have been trying to make it mandatory for manufacturers to address GMOs in their products, nothing is in effect as of yet. The lack of mandatory labeling raises concerns among consumers. This is why many trust the Non-GMO Project verified butterfly logo as a stamp of approval.

Is this a Foxtrot Economy trend?

As the demand for non-GMO Project Verified products rises every year since 2010 (more significantly in the last three years), many are asking if it will last. The Mellman Group, a research company, found that 89% of Americans favor mandatory labels for food products containing GMOs. With no set government regulations on labeling and a growing demand for non-GMOs, consumers continue to seek verification they can trust for their products.

How American International Foods, Inc. Can Help You

Verified Ingredients

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