Dried Egg Yolks

Dried Egg Yolks

Dried yolks play a significant role in the food and beverage manufacturing industry as a versatile ingredient with unique characteristics and applications. Derived from the yolks of eggs, these dried forms offer convenience, longer shelf life, and enhanced functionality compared to fresh yolks. They are widely used in various food and beverage formulations to provide flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits.

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Dried yolks are widely used in the food and beverage manufacturing industry thanks to their flavor and nutritional profile. They contribute a creamy, savory taste to products and are a natural source of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. They also have emulsification properties, are binders and thickeners, and support extended shelf life efforts. They are found in a wide range of products including baked goods, sauces, dressings, desserts, pasta, confections, and more.

Dried yolks are produced by carefully separating the yolks form the egg whites, followed by a drying process that removes moisture from the yolks while preserving their nutrients and flavor. The results is a concentrated form that is easy to store, transport, and incorporate into different food applications.

Appearance: Dried yolks come in a fine powder or granulated form with an aroma and taste similar to that of eggs. The color ranges from yellow to orange in color, reflecting the natural color of a fresh egg yolk.

Particle size: Variable, depending on desired application and processing methods.

Solubility: High solubility.

Allergen: Dried egg yolks may contain allergen labeling to inform consumers about the presence of egg proteins. 

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