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Sea Salt & Sodium Reduced Salts

Sea Salt has been an integral part of human food and nutrition dating back to the world’s first recorded civilizations. Approximately 8,000 years ago, humans discovered the practice of producing sea salt by evaporating sea water. It was not long after that salt would become one of the first globally traded commodities.

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Salt is necessary in the human diet to maintain proper nervous system and respiratory function. Furthermore, sea salt contains various trace minerals that table salt does not. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Due to this, sea salt is often perceived as a healthier alternative to table salt. AIFI offers both Mediterranean sea salt as well as sodium reduced sea salt for manufacturers consciously looking to reduce the sodium content of their products.

On Trend Around the World

According to Statista, salty snacks grew in the United States by 14.8% between 2019 and 2020. Further evidence that supports the rising demand for sea salt comes from Mintel. According to Mintel, sea salt was the 5th most popular flavoring trend from 2017-2020 and the 6th most popular globally in the same time period. This rise in consumer demand for products containing sea salt has created a unique opportunity for manufacturers. Manufacturers can take advantage of sea salt's benefits and rising popularity without the need for major reformulation. AIFI's Mediterranean sea salts are organic compliant, kosher, and can help boost your products appeal.


Why Partner with AIFI?

In 2014, AIFI realized the need for a reliable source for sea salt and partnered with family-owned Spanish sea salt producer Altava Sal. Our partnership has extended to this day as AIFI is the exclusive supplier of Altava Sal's natural Mediterranean sea salts in the United States. Our partnership has also allowed us to grow to be one of the leading importers of sea salt and in turn allowed for us to be extremely competitive on pricing. We have found that we are able to show our customers significant savings when compared to other national sea salt brands. AIFI’s sea salt is manufactured naturally through the solar evaporation of water from the Mediterranean Sea.  Our partners use a proven century old method of harvesting Mediterranean sea salt in evaporation ponds by hand. For more details about our sea salt's granulation sizes and recommended uses, click the "Learn More" button below.


American International Foods, Inc. offers a complete line of sea salts and sodium reduced salts in addition to our line of over 2500 food and beverage components.  By giving you the convenience of sourcing multiple ingredients, we can help you cut material costs and improve your supply chain efficiency. Our proven distribution and trucking network has a 99% on time delivery rate. With consistent communication, a motivated team, and reliable delivery operations, AIFI creates an easy solution for all of your ingredient needs.​ For pricing information, please give us a call or click the "Contact Us" button.